Testing Consultant
Job description
Our technical testing consultants fill a number of different roles on our project teams working with a variety of technologies for a wide range of clients. Responsibilities: • Represent InterWorks professionally in both client and team situations • Instill confidence in InterWorks’ skills and ability to deliver • Gain an understanding of the unique business and technical requirements on each of our engagements to facilitate both communications and the most appropriate solution design • Collaborative design and development of the appropriate solution • Detailed design, development and unit / integration testing utilizing the appropriate methodologies, technology and tools • Practice strong configuration management and version control • Practice excellent communication with prompt responses to clients, swift escalation to Sr. level resources, and seeking assistance as needed from more Sr. collegues • Produce client deliverables such as detailed design documentation, unit test plans and well documented code • Ensure deliverables are of the highest quality to promote client satisfaction • Demonstrate respect for, and responsiveness to our clients and colleagues • Independently manage assigned tasks • Demonstrate self motivation through learning new technologies, in and out of the office, and through seeking advice regarding technical topics from more Sr. level resources • Support InterWorks overall policies and procedures Qualifications: • Bachelors degree preferred in a software development related field • Knowledge of current technologies and application software development • Excellent oral and written communication
Recruiting Company/Person
Recruiter street credibility
Contexts applicable to this job
Software Engineering Software Development Software Testing
Required job skills
Non-Verbal Communication [100%] Performance Testing [100%] Verbal Communication [100%] Communication Basics [100%] Integration Testing [100%] QA Testing [100%] Professional Behavior [100%] User Interface Testing [100%] User Testing [100%] Test Support and Maintenance [100%] Unit Testing [100%] Programming Basics [100%] Test Development and Design [100%] Extended Unit Testing [100%] SOA Basic Testing [100%]
Job Post statistics
Job Post Statistics Details
5.0 / 5 Average candidate rating
251 views Candidate views
10 times Favored by candidates
How to Read FYnderFY Credibility Scores

The credibility scores present the score for a resource relative to all other similar resources on the platform. The relative value is presented in terms of the average as well as the min/max values. For example, if you are looking at a Course then the course credibility is determined by looking at all the Courses' credibility on the platform.

Each credibility score is comprised of three identifiers:

1. The blue value designates the score for the context which you have on your screen. This could be related to a Course, an Instructor, Candidate or a Recruiter.

2. The light blue value designates the min/max range that exists within the system across all entities related to the same context, where the context could be a Course, Candidate, Recruiter or an Instructor.

3. The yellow bar designates the average value for all entities related to the same context, where the context could be a Course, Candidate, Recruiter or an Instructor.


- The credibility of this instructor is low but it is close to the average.

- The likelihood of being hired after taking this course is 85% vs 65% which is the average for all courses.

- The rating of this course is in the 15% compared to the average of 85%.

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