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The FYnderFY Platform for Recruiters and Companies
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FYnderFY is a cloud platform that utilizes leading-edge technology, patented algorithms, predictive proprietary analytics and anticipatory computing to create a highly disruptive and revolutionary platform where recruiters and companies can add science, data and analytics to social recruiting and talent management processes to accurately and easily find, sort, validate, assess, score and rank top candidates and employees knowledge, skills and expertise.

In short, we allow recruiters and companies to add science and transparency to the recruiting and talent management process. There has long been a need to add real science to the art of sourcing, recruiting and talent management. FYnderFY is the first recruiting and talent management platform that adds real science to the process and, in turn, provides a complete, fully transparent 360-degree view and side-by-side ranking of candidates and employees. FYnderFY makes the process of finding the needle in the haystack easy and effective.

FYnderFY'€™s scientific-based state-of-the-art recruiting and talent management platform takes the subjectivity and guesswork out of the recruiting and talent management process by finding, qualifying and quantifying job-seekers or active and passive candidates, and employees, quickly matching the perfect candidates and employees with the right skills and expertise to your job opening or company'€™s needs.

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FYnderFY RecruitRank/TalentRank is a patent-pending side-by-side ranking or match view that recruiters, talent managers or other human resource professionals can see to quickly evaluate candidates for a specific job or need, or internal talent to evaluate a company'€™s knowledge, skills, and expertise personnel inventory. FYnderFY RecruitRanking/TalentRanking shows recruiters and talent managers a potential candidate'€™s or employees' FYnderFY 360-Degree ProfessionalProfile and his or her FYnderFY ProfessionalCredibility Score.

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The FYnderFY 360-Degree ProfessionalProfile is the world'€™s most comprehensive fully transparent and objective professional digital profile where candidates can feature:

  • Photos and video resumes
  • Education and educational credentials
  • Experience
  • Knowledge, skills and expertise
  • FYnderFY Micro-Courses, Micro-Course Bundles, Micro-Exam Scores, Certifications and Badges or The FYnderFY ProfessionalCredibility Score
  • A full portfolio of great work
  • FYnderFY Baseline Tests - personality, career, logic, emotional quotient and others
  • Dream job matches and job preference details

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Consider it a personal credit score for your candidate's€™ or employeee's€™ knowledge, skills and expertise. The patent-pending FYnderFY ProfessionalCredibility Score is calculated from the scores earned through FynderFy'€™s Micro-Courses, Micro-Course Bundles, Micro-Exam Scores and Certifications and Badges.

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The FYnderFY FYnd My Candidate/Employee Wizard allows recruiters to quickly find, qualify and quantify active and passive candidates and employees by viewing the RecruitRankings/TalentRankings, 360-Degree ProfessionalProfiles and ProfessionalCredibility Scores for those who really have the top skills, expertise and other key credentials.

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The FYnderFY Post My Job Wizard allows recruiters to easily import, post or publish job ads. The FYnderFY Post My Job Wizard can also help match and add required Micro-Courses and Micro-Exams, company assessment questions and video questions to job posts so recruiters can easily assess skills, expertise and abilities.