FYnderFY Courses

Frontend React & Angular
IWEC course - Modern Project Management methods
Front-end Web Development
IWC Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Course
ServiceNow Admin Basic
React, Redux
HTML, CSS, Javascript
Leadership & Management
PHP for Beginners
Working with data in .NET
SQL Server Snap Pack
XPath Basics
SMART goals
InterWorks' Information Security in Project Management
Introduction in Kanban
Conflict Management
Basics of Selenium WebDriver test automation
APPIUM for beginners
Selenium WebDriver with Java and Cucumber
MuleSoft - Integration and API Associate basic course
Communication skills - part 1
Information Security Awareness
SnapLogic Overview 2
Web Automated Testing using Selenium IDE
Functional testing using JMeter
SnapLogic Overview 1
AWS introduction (Regions, AZ and IAM)
Basic English
Data warehouse concepts
Software architecture patterns
Advanced SQL - Queries
Basic introduction using TIBCO GEMS tool
Mastering iOS Core Data with Swift Series: Using Key-Value
ASP.NET introduction
Basic Presentation Design
Essential Presentation Design and Organization
Understanding NQSOs (Non-Qualified Stock Options)
Understanding ISOs (Incentive Stock Options)
Bavarian Bier Cafe Beverage Menu Quiz
Bavarian Bier Cafe Food Menu Quiz
SQL Server management studio
Basic API Management Concepts
Basic Course for Unix\Posix shell usage.
UPG Cocktail Basics 101
Bier - UPG Training Bier Tasting Part B: Ales
Bier - UPG Training Bier Tasting Part A: Lagers
Bier - Oktoberfest
Bier - UPG Training The Brewing Process
Bier Intro
BIER - Training Reinheitsgebot
AngularJS Basic Concepts
.NET C# OOP Concepts
Features of .NET Platform
.Net Basics Course
C# quick syntax reference part II
C# quick syntax reference part I
C# Intermediate
Communicate with Commas
Communicate With Confidence
Choose how to communicate
Making excellent PowerPoint presentations
Intermediate SQL
SQL for beginners
Assertive Communication Skills: Three "V's" of Communication
Business Emai Communication 101
Business Communication 101
Configuration Management - Introduction
Software Version Control Concepts
JIRA Usage - Introduction
SCRUM/Agile Methodology - Introduction
Special Characters Syntax
Internet Protocol Basics
Ruby Programming language using Rails MVC Framework
Testing Basics Part 1: Definitions and Terms
TIBCO BW Best Practices
Introduction to JMS
OOP Basics